Blennorrhea – Gonorrhea

What is blennorrhea-gonorrhea ?

It is caused by the gonococcus bacterium known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Blennorrhea or gonorrhea is a disease that is transmitted during sexual intercourse. Depending on contact, vaginal, oral or anal,it can affect organs and tissues in these areas.


 Many people with the disease may have no symptoms. When present, they occur 2 to 10 days after transmission and microbial infestation. Women may experience pain during intercourse, pain or burning when urinating, frequent urination, purulent secretion from the vagina with an unpleasant odor, and discomfort in the perianal area. Infection of the fallopian tubes by bacteria can be responsible for sterilization inwoman. She may also have abnormal blood loss during her period, fever and abdominal pain. Pregnant women with gonorrhea can spread the germ to their baby if left untreated. In the newborn gonococcus causes gonococcal ophthalmitis, a very serious eye infection. In men there is burning or pain along the urethra and secretion of pus from the urethral orifice. The symptoms are more intense during erection and ejaculation.



 Gonococcal infections are quickly treated with the right antibiotics. After the initial administration of antibiotics, the test should be repeated because gonococcus may be resistant to certain antibiotics and the treatment may need to be adjusted.