Papillomas Cautery

Papillomas cautery 

We very often notice small “moles”in the neck or armpits of men and women, which usually hang and give an unsightly image in the neck or décolleté area.

What are trunk skin papillae?


They are small lumps that may be at the color of the skin or may have another color, usually darker and protrude from the skin either with a wide base or through a small stem.

It is typical that the papillae appear mainly in places where there is prolonged friction, such as in the neck (due to the friction with the neckline of the clothes), in the armpit, under the chest or in the line of the bra on the back.

They grow quickly during pregnancy and they tend to multiply even faster when they increase in number and size, but they also infect people with whom we come in frequent contact.

What causes papillomas?


Papillomas are caused by a group of viruses called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). This is a completely harmless group of viruses.




The best and most effective treatment of trunk papillomas is done with the application of LASER surgery by a specialist dermatologist specialized in LASER. This is a very simple treatment for the pain papillomas cause.

After the treatment there is complete healing without any signs or scars.