Laser Hemangiomas

What is Hemangiomas ;

Hemangiomas are tufts of extra blood vessels that commonly occur in children.

There is normal hemangioma and cherry hemangioma.

Normal hemangioma is a permanent lesion that occurs from birth and is a serious aesthetic deformity especially when located on the face.

It is red in color and can be found anywhere on the body.

Cherry hemangioma (red olives on the skin).

They are inherited benign vascular lesions which in their original form are flat, small red dots and then usually develop. They occur mainly in middle-aged and young people and the frequency and size increase with age.


The most suitable and painless method for the elimination of hemangiomas is laser treatment. The High – Power Long- Pulse Nd YAG 1064 nm wide vein laser device is the only specialized and approved one that can be applied to all blood vessels and hemangiomas that appear all over the body. The Laser device emits a pulse of light that causes immediate thrombosis, resulting in their disappearance. This method is safe since the laser beam of light is absorbed only by the vessels so that it does not affect normal skin.