Condylomas Therapy


What are condylomas (genital warts) ?

 Genital warts are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. They are caused by various viruses in the family of viruseshuman papilloma, HPV – Human papilloma Virus.

Where do warts appear?

 They are mainly found in the genitals and the surrounding areas. They often appear in the perianal area, while less oftenon the face – mouth or other areas of the body.

How are warts transmitted?


Warts are a sexually transmitted disease, thereforetransmitted mainly through sexual contact (vaginal or anal).The transmission of warts is done either by direct contact with the affected area, either by direct contact. In other words, the virus does not only enter the body through penetration.Many times,scrubbing the infected skin is enough.Another way that warts are transmitted isoral sex. Infection after oral sex does not often encountered. But if it happens, it causes the appearance of wartsin the mouth and tongue. We do not know the minimum amount of virus thatis required to transmit HPV and cause infection.It is worth to note that the condom does not fully contribute to the protection against the transmission of warts.



How are wartstreated?


Treatment of warts requires individualized medical care, knowledge and experience to avoid further complications for the patient.Their treatment is successful with the use of Laser, as well as older methods such as electrocautery – cryopreservation or topical preparations. Early and correct treatment of the disease is important because of the association of the virus with cervical cancer in womenor rarer forms of cancer in a man’s penis, woman’s vagina and anus in men and women.