Laser hair removal

Nowadays, unlike traditional methods, laser hair removal puts an end to the annoying problem of unwanted hair growth, painless, fast and harmless, in men and women. Laser hair removal is a specialized, approved, and reliable method for permanent hair reduction, medically acceptable. In our dermatological center we have a new technology laser device that combines both Alexandrite and ND YAG 1064, for faster results CLARITY II


Clarity II is the perfect state-of-the-art system that combines two types of Laser devices: Alexandrite 755nm and Long Pulse Nd: Yag 1064 nm for the permanent treatment of unwanted hair growth on all skin types and is applied at all times of the year.

Alexandritis was approved by the US FDA in 1997 and has since been dominated by other types of laser devices.


  • It is important to note that the new ClarityII Laser technology does not require a repetitive appointment. Specifically, thanks to its technical characteristics, the sessions are purely individual and do not need a repetitive process in 2 or 3 weeks to consolidate the result.
  • In our dermatological center we use the most modern combination of laser with the system of cold air and spray with cryogen coolant for the absolute safety of your skin and a unique painless application!
  • For more information ask our trained staff.

Which areas can we apply laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be applied at any age, in any gender as well as in any area of ​​the body there is unwanted hair growth such as:

– Face (upper lip, chin, cheeks, favorites, eyebrows, etc.)

– Hands

– Armpits

– Bikini

– Legs (calves and thighs)

– Buttocks

– Lumbar

– Back (men – women)

– Breasts – nipples (men – women)

-Belly line etc.

At what age can laser hair removal be done?

There is no limit. But we prefer the period to have come, so that the appearance of the hair is complete. However, it is a fact that at younger ages (eg in adolescence) hair growth is more persistent and may require additional sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of visits required depends on the area where the hair growth is located, the density of the hair and whether other hair removal methods have preceded it. Most areas need 5-8 sessions, but the number of hair removal sessions that will be required to achieve long-term radical results depends on various factors such as skin phototype, hair hardness, body area and hair growth cycle. Unless hair growth has hormonal causes, then we may need to treat the problem therapeutically. Not all hairs grow at the same time. They usually go through 3 different phases: regenerative, native and telogen. Laser device works by neutralizing the hairs that are mainly in the regenerative phase of growth, during the session. As another percentage of hair will go through the regenerative phase at a different time. In the case of people with hormonal problems the number of sessions is not predictable.

What happens after the session?

Immediately after the session the skin may show mild redness with slight swelling usually for only a few hours or less. About 3-7 days after the session you may notice something that looks like hair regrowth. In fact, most of these hairs are the damaged hairs of the hair follicles, which have already been neutralized by the laser, which will fall out and never grow back. In the interval between laser hair removal sessions you should not do waxing or tweezers, but you can shave if you want.

Are there restrictions on my daily activities due to laser hair removal?

After the session you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Do you need preparation?

If other hair removal methods have preceded, we must let as much hair as possible come out for the first time. After the session and until the next one is applied, the hairs should not be depilated by another method. If the hairs are long they hurt more. For this reason it is best to cut to a length of 2-3 mm. We can also use anesthetic cream topically before the treatment.

How long does each session last?

The duration of the session depends on the extent of the surface being treated.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser devices have been used for many decades in medicine and it has been found that they have no effect on our body, as they do not penetrate our body and do not affect other organs. Laser hair removal is a completely safe and secure method for the gradual reduction of hair growth. If the operator is trained in laser devices, there are no risks. But both should always wear special goggles, because laser is harmful to the eyes.

Where is it contraindicated?

Hair removal can be applied to women and men regardless of age. The use of laser devices during pregnancy is not prohibited but we avoid it mainly for precautionary reasons. Its use is also prohibited in people suffering from active herpes.

Is the result permanent?

The result is permanent, but we must not forget that hair growth is a dynamic phenomenon which means that new hair is constantly coming out, especially at a young age.