Deep cleaning

What is;

Deep facial cleansing is the process of removing dirt and sebum from the skin.

Why do I have to clean?

Daily makeup, environmental dust, dirt, sweat and sebum secretion clog the skin pores and prevent it from breathing

If you notice a “clogged” skin, it produces intense oiliness and does not absorb our daily moisturizer. Thus the skin looks dull and often presents “problems” or unsightly lesions such as blisters, bumps, itching. The cleansing is aimed at both men and women and is ageless.

How is it done?

Facial cleansing consists of the following stages:

Make-up removal – Removal of dirt and make-up with emulsion and lotion.

Facial peeling application to remove dead cells, achieving more efficient sebum extraction and absorption of cosmetic products.

Application of a special steam machine (vaper) for the opening of the pores.

Sebum extraction.

Special face massage for best hydration of the skin and

Appliance of a mask suitable for each skin type and usage of a healing, antiseptic or soothing cream.

The procedure can be enriched depending on the needs of the skin and the instructions of the doctor.

How often should cleaning be done?

The frequency of cleansing depends on the skin type, gender and age. Depending on the needs of the skin, oily skin usually needs more frequent cleansing. It is important that there is good cooperation between the beautician and the interested person.

Which skins need more cleansing?

Oily skin needs more frequent cleansing due to the intense secretion of sebum.

Is it a painful process?

How much one will feel pain depends on the degree of sensitivity of the skin, and its resistance to pain. Certainly the extraction of sebum causes an annoyance, but not to an excessive degree.

What are the results of the cleansing?

After a deep cleansing our face “breathes”, is brighter and shinier, it is clean and healthy. Also the daily care we provide (eg the application of a moisturizer) has better results.

Tips for after cleaning:

After a facial cleansing it is good to:

1. Do not paint for 24-48 hours,

2. Do not accept sunlight or Laser,

3. Do not use products with fruit acids,

4. Avoid physical exercise for about 24 hours,

5. Remove your makeup and air pollutants every night,

6. Use moisturizer and sunscreen.